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       - Home Button: This button will take you to the homepage of the website. You are here.
       - Menagerie Button: This button will take you to your menagerie where your creatures are.
       - Planet Button: This is where you get creatures! This button will take you to the Nyoka Solar System.
       - Mail Button: This button will take you to your inbox where you can send and recieve messages from friends.
       - Inventory Button: This button will take you to your inventory. Items you buy from shops or obtain from quests are located here.
       - Trades Button: This button will take you to your trading panel. The trading panel lets you see and manage all of your open trades.
       - Hatchery Button: Use this to help your creatures grow! This button will take you to the Project Nyoka Gas Station (PNGS).
       - Settings Button: This button will let you change settings for your account.
       - Forum Button: This button will take you to the Project Nyoka Forums in a new tab.
       - Help Button: This button will take you to the help page. Go here if you have any questions.
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    What is it?
    - A Menagerie houses all of the creatures that a user has obtained.
    How do I see creatures?
    - In the Menagerie, you hover over a box with a creature in it to bring up its stats.
    How do I level things up?
    - In the Menagerie, all you do is simply click the creature in the scroll box.
    How do I set an avatar?
    - Settings
    What are the four boxes below the avatar?
    - The first box lets you see how much PP (Platinum Pieces) a user has.
    - The second box lets you see how many and what achievements a user has.
    - The third box lets you see which creatures the user has for trade or auction.
    - The last box lets you see the spaceship of the user.
    Why isn't it working?
    - The Menagerie uses a lot of javascript so make sure you turn it on!
    - Also, this website does not work with Internet Explorer! If you are using IE, you should get a standard-compliant browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


    What is an alpha/beta/delta/omega?
    - These are the different stages that a creature goes through while it grows. You obtain a creature as an alpha. It hatches/grows into a beta. It matures and genders into a delta. It becomes an adult once it hits the omega stage.
    Is there a limit of how many creatures I can obtain?
    - You may obtain an unlimited amount of omegas, deltas, and betas; however, you may only obtain up to 5 alphas at a time.
    How can I grow a creature up?
    - You may use the embed codes included on every creature page or the mass embed page (accessed from your Menagerie) to give you embed codes. You can use these codes to post your creatures in forum signatures, your website, etc...
    Are there any hatcheries or fan-sites?
    - There are many fan-sites out there. There is only one Project Nyoka hatchery in existence: The PNGS (Project Nyoka Gas Station). You may access it by clicking the little hatching egg () in the Toolbar.

Nyoka Solar System

    What is it?
    - The Nyoka Solar Sytem is the solar system where Gencorp, you, and many other people are situated.
    - This is also where you can explore different planets to search for and obtain a vast array of magnificent creatures.
    What planets does it contain that are explorable?
    - Zeima: The earth-like planet where all of us live. It has biomes just like Earth.
    - P1: This is the moon of Zeima. It is habitable and has more diversity and is covered in water and rainforest. It has huge insects and some types of common dragons. This place is more exotic than Zeima.
    - Mavi: This planet is the most diverse planet. It is covered in lush rainforests and rivers, much more diverse than P1. The creatures, dragons, and insects here are bigger and dangerous. Very colorful creatures are something you will probably encounter.
    I see other planets in the solar system, so why can't I visit them?
    - GenCorp hasn't had enough research teams go to those planets and make them explorable by the average citizen.
    Do I need a spaceship?
    - In order to get a Planet Access Card to P1 or Mavi, you will need a spaceship. So yes, you do need a spaceship to visit other planets.


    What does it do?
    - Mail allows you to connect with other users through an on-site mail system.
    How do I send mail?
    - In the Mail page, you simply click "Compose Mail" and select a user from your friend list and send it!
    How do I keep random people from messaging me?
    - The Mail feature has a buddy list which means you can only send and recieve messages from them.
    Can I delete friends?
    - Just go to the buddy list and delete anyone.
    Can I delete mail?
    - You can delete messages when you read them, or you can mass delete them. We'll keep an extra copy of every single message as long as you don't delete it.
    Can I keep sent messages?
    - Yes, there is a sent messages tab where your sent messages are stored.
    Can I block people from sending me a buddy request/sending me mail?
    - Yes. You have your own custom block list in the Settings page. You can add or delete the people that you've blocked. If you want to remove a buddy, go back to the Mail feature and go to your buddy list.
    Can I report certain messages?
    - If you find something offensive or abusive, just click the "Report Mail" button to report the message you are viewing.
    Can I disable messaging?
    - Yes. Settings


    What are they?
    - Settings are options that let you change the way you use the site.
    Can I set my avatar in there?
    - Yes. Just put in the link to the image you want as your avatar in the box and then submit. Within a few hours/days, you should have your new avatar!
    Can I change my password?
    - Of course. Just type in your current password, and then your new one, and then confirm and hit the button!
    Can I disable messaging?
    - Yes. You may disable the mail system in the settings page.


    What is PP?
    - PP, which stands for Platinum Pieces, is in-game money that you can earn by doing various things.
    How do I get PP?
    - You can get PP by doing quests, leveling up creatures, battling creatures, and selling/auctioning creatures. Users can also exchange money if they want.
    What do I spend PP on?
    - You spend PP on spaceship parts, spaceship upgrades, items you might need for quests, auctions, and buying creatures.

Polytypes (Alternates)

    What is a polytype?
    - A polytype is a very rare alternate version of a creature. They are usually referred to as "alts" or "polys".
    How do I know if I have a polytype?
    - When a creature has passed the Alpha stage and is a polytype, you will see next to its name/code on the creature page.
    How can I acquire a polytype?
    - There are only two ways to acquire a polytype: You can capture one from the wild or you can breed one. The chances are completely random. These are the only ways.
    Which creatures have polytypes?
    - Creatures which currently have polytypes are listed below:
    Burgen Beast
    Flashback Lizard
    Glacial Flare Serval
    Glass Lizard
    Horn-Rimmed Owl
    Majestic Icewolf
    Potato Salmon
    Sand Dasher
    Silver Forest Millipede


    What is it?
    - A Spaceship will let you access other planets in the solar system.
    How can I get one?
    - If you do not have one yet, try to explore P1. You will be told to visit Alfred. Follow the instructions and hints from your inventory and spaceship parts list you get.
    I have my spaceship, so why can't I visit other planets?
    - GenCorp hasn't had enough research teams go to those planets and make them explorable by the average citizen. The only planet that has a Planet Access Card is P1.


    What is this section about?
    - This section is for general information that people may have questions about. It doesn't really fit anywhere else.
    What is a Planet Access Card?
    - A Planet Access Card is a pass that allows you to explore other planets.
    Which planets currently have Planet Access Cards?
    - The only foreign planet that has a Planet Access Card available is P1.
    What are achievements?
    - Achievements are trophies or milestones you earn.
    Can I earn any achievements yet?
    - Yes. You can keep track of all of the achievements you can earn here.
    Where is Garnesto? I've looked at every city on Zeima!
    - Did you try rotating Zeima? Go to Zeima and click the Left arrow once. The City of Garnesto will come into view.