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Owner: Rebsingh
Species: Lilly of the Valley
Code: 344Fg
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Jun 27, 2012
Beta'd: Jun 28, 2012
Matured: Jun 28, 2012
Grown up: Jun 28, 2012

Growth Status

The Lilly of the Valley Flowers prefer rocky terrain and it is natural that they are fond of the alpine regions of P1. They live in caves with small openings and are part of beds which consist of ten or more flowers depending on the length of the cave. Due to their choice of habitat they are always looking for mountain streams or lakes and crowd in caves that have bodies of water inside or close by. Surprisingly, this invasive species has a primary predator: the Vengacabra, who love nothing more than to eat the small white flowers if given the chance.
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