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Owner: SkyWolf72
Species: Johnny Jump Up
Code: 54Znz
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: May 16, 2013
Beta'd: May 17, 2013
Matured: May 17, 2013
Grown up: May 18, 2013
Father: Thorn
Mother: Jane
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Growth Status

The Johnny Jump Up is highly adapted to the plains and savannahs of Zeima. They use their leaves and stems to absorb dew that has collected on them or on other plants because they shun bodies of water which is the primary water source for other flowers. They prefer to hide in tall grass, making their bright colors harder to spot. They live in beds of five or six in one concentrated area. They are very lethargic plants, preferring to move as little as possible. Their scent is specifically designed to bring bugs to them.
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