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Owner: Rebsingh
Species: Coastal Leviathan
Code: ARadZ
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Jun 7, 2013
Beta'd: Jun 10, 2013
Matured: Jun 15, 2013
Grown up: Jun 28, 2013
Father: (Coast)
Mother: (kVyDg)
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Growth Status

When young, Coastal Leviathans spend a great deal of their time on land, but once mature they rarely leave the water. Although mature Leviathans can venture many miles from the coast, they still favor warm, relatively shallow water, and tend to frequently return to the area where they were hatched. Leviathans don’t tend to form close-knit groups, but they are quite social with both their own kind and others. That, combined with their playful and inquisitive natures, makes them surprisingly easy to tame and train.
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