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Owner: Rebsingh
Species: Royal Ash Wyvern
Code: Ashes
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Jun 27, 2012
Beta'd: Jun 28, 2012
Matured: Jun 28, 2012
Grown up: Jun 28, 2012
Spouse: (R0yal)

Growth Status

Royal Ashwyverns are a very rare breed of wyvern; those who catch just a glimpse of one are considered lucky! They make normally inhospitable places their homes so their nests are difficult to reach, but hunt prey in more populated areas. The name "Royal Ashwyvern" comes from their grey to black scales, seemingly covered in ash, and the golden coloured horns that encircle their heads which resemble a king's crown. The Royal Ashwyverns' scales also have beautiful gold markings to attract mates. They are a very aggressive and territorial species, but deeply care for their young who are completely dependent on their parents early in their lives.
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