Viewing: Rhiannon

Owner: Jadis
Species: Hydrurgan Orca
Code: LfdMe
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Apr 9, 2013
Beta'd: Apr 10, 2013
Matured: Apr 12, 2013
Grown up: Apr 17, 2013

Growth Status

The Hydrurgan Orca was created by scientists who spliced the genes of Orcas and Leopard Seals from Earth in order to navigate the waterways of Zeima. Unfortunately, the creatures were easily sidetracked by the allure of fish, and the project was abandoned. In the wild, they proved to be more than capable of taking care of themselves and have flourished in the years since their initial creation. They live in pods lead by an alpha female of up to ten females and their young - males tend to keep to themselves. Recently, Hydrurgan Orcas have been used for the domestic purposes of locating large schools of fish, lowering the cost of the food in the market considerably.
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