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Owner: DTC
Species: Flameneck Wyvern
Code: Mik4T
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Apr 4, 2012
Beta'd: Apr 4, 2012
Matured: Apr 5, 2012
Grown up: Apr 6, 2012

Growth Status

Flameneck Wyverns make their nests in trees to protect their young from predators, until they can fend for themselves. This is usually when their namesake bright, flame-coloured fur develops around their necks. They prefer meat, but are omnivorous. If meat is scarce they will feed on small fruits and other plants. Flameneck Wyverns are usually aggressive towards other creatures, although due to their curiosity they're much less hostile towards humans, being very keen to learn more about these new unknown creatures. A special trait of Flameneck Wyverns is their extreme form of monogamy. They mate for life and will not take a new mate even if the other dies.
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