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Owner: DTC
Species: Kaprosuchus
Code: UawRS
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Apr 4, 2012
Beta'd: Apr 4, 2012
Matured: Apr 4, 2012
Grown up: Apr 5, 2012
Children: 1

Growth Status

Kaprosuchus are a very dangerous land-dwelling species of crocodile. Unlike their aquatic cousins, these creatures are entirely land-dwelling and hunt in the savannah. Their long limbs allow them to sprint at high speeds, and their muscular jaws and tails can easily take down even large foes. When Kaprosuchus lay eggs, the female guards her nest until the eggs hatch. She'll then hunt for the creatures until their black markings start to come in, at which point the children are abandoned to fend for themselves.
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