Viewing: Leviathan

Owner: dragonflame
Species: Cetus
Code: bMw9l
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Apr 18, 2013
Beta'd: Apr 20, 2013
Matured: Apr 26, 2013
Grown up: May 9, 2013

Growth Status

Ceti (Cetus singular) are one of the largest creatures Gencorp's scientists have engineered. While loyal to humans, especially to the ones who raised them, and their mates and children, these enormous omnivores will eat anything else that moves and even things that don't, making them a danger to anything non-human they can't breed with. They are intelligent enough to easily train, and can safely carry large groups of people across water when fully grown.
I know Leviathan likes
me, but I little
afraid what he is
going to be like after
growing up. He is only
a few days old and
already half the size
of adult Orca.

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