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Owner: Rebsingh
Species: Flashback Lizard
Code: e85gO
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Jul 22, 2011
Beta'd: Jul 23, 2011
Matured: Jul 24, 2011
Grown up: Jul 25, 2011
Father: (z31mA)
Mother: (Lizrd)
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Growth Status

The Flashback Lizard is a frail little creature, subsisting off insects and spending most of their time out of the heat of the day. However, they are plagued by other predators, such as falcons and snakes, for which they have a unique defense--their colorful spines which give them their name. The bright colors are all but invisible on an adult when the spines are lowered, but when raised they catch a predator off guard, giving the lizard the split second it needs to dash away into the brush and take cover. While the females are pale bodied all around--save, of course, their spines--the males have a red belly which they show off to females. When males compete for mate, they flare their spines, feint at, and hiss at each other until one concedes defeat.
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