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Owner: Spike8407
Species: Jungle Flashback Lizard
Code: eEi6a
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Sep 24, 2011
Beta'd: Sep 24, 2011
Matured: Sep 25, 2011
Grown up: Sep 27, 2011

Growth Status

Jungle Flashbacks are a superbly rare form of the Flashback Lizard, native to Zeima's rainforests. They were nearly extinct when they were discovered, and were promptly caught and bred in captivity. Jungle Flashbacks are born slightly larger then their cousins and are more aggressive. They eat mostly insects when they are young, then begin feasting on birds and other small animals. These nocturnal tree-dwelling lizards can grow up to five feet, two feet larger than their cousins. Interestingly enough, they are timid around animals larger than them. Although they are aggressive, they can be trained to perform small tasks like the desert variety.
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