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Owner: TxCat
Species: Phoenix Turkey
Code: pVp2B
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Nov 22, 2012
Beta'd: Nov 22, 2012
Matured: Feb 3, 2014
Grown up: Feb 5, 2014

Growth Status

Phoenix Turkey, while appearing similar to the domestic birds of Earth, are a genetically diverse species long separated from their cousins. They are a robust and hardy creature with males capable of tipping the scales at a whopping 35 pounds. Females are typically smaller and more demure, averaging around 26 pounds, but are still more than capable of muscling potential predators into retreat. The Phoenix Turkey use their bulk as a battering ram, slamming into enemies after a quick charge. Though brave and willing to defend themselves and their young, these birds are extremely reclusive outside of their breeding season. Some have found the wild, sweet corn that grows during the autumn season a successful way to attract these secretive birds, making it the best time of the year to catch a glimpse. Raising a flock of Phoenix Turkey is thought to not only be an achievement itself, but a testament to one's patience.
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