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Owner: Ace343
Species: Horn-Rimmed Owl
Code: rIXRU
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Dec 1, 2013
Beta'd: Dec 2, 2013
Matured: Dec 4, 2013
Grown up: Dec 8, 2013

Growth Status

Adult Horn-Rimmed Owls are diurnal, meaning they hunt during the day. These owls mate for life and build their nests in the conifer trees of the taiga. Each spring pairs will mate and the female will lay a clutch of up to four or five eggs. The adults will take turns in hunting and guarding the nest until the chicks are old enough to fly and hunt on their own. At that point the adults would leave the old nest and move to a new area of the forest within their territory. The feathers that are situated above the eyes act as eyebrows and help keep debris and snow out of the eyes.
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