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Owner: Lindsy95
Species: Tropical Amphithere
Code: xRIg5
Gender: Male
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Jun 15, 2012
Beta'd: Jun 19, 2012
Matured: Jun 20, 2012
Grown up: Jun 22, 2012
Children: 2

Growth Status

Tropical Amphitheres are large, carnivorous winged serpents found in the lush canopies of the Mavi rainforests. Because their bright colors blend them in perfectly with their surrounding environment, they can make any trek through a large Mavian forest a dangerous one, as they will ambush whatever animal that wanders on the forest floor they can best. Colors of juveniles vary from lemon yellow to chartreuse with thin stripes of orange lined down their backs, changing over time as the animal matures. Their striking bright colors have earned them many admirers but they can be highly dangerous and caution must be taken when handled.
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