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Owner: Spike8407
Species: Haystack Monster
Code: zmF2g
Gender: Female
Stage: Omega
Obtained: Sep 24, 2011
Beta'd: Sep 24, 2011
Matured: Sep 25, 2011
Grown up: Sep 27, 2011

Growth Status

Haystack Monsters are very strange creatures that live in the tundra, waiting for unsuspecting prey. A typical diet consists of mostly birds, as they seek out the large creature for nesting opportunities or materials. When the birds come near, the Haystack Monster leaps up, or uses its tentacles, and eats the bird. Afterwards they go back to sleeping. The creatures sleep for long periods of time, and are thusly viewed as rather lazy. Despite how big they look, most of their mass is fur, and they aren't nearly as heavy as they appear.
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