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This was posted on December 25, 2012 by Rebsingh

Winter Anomalies

GenCorp started a mini project a few months ago due to many requests continually being submitted by members from the Zeiman Agricultural Committee. This project was designed to utilize the DNA of sheep from Earth in order to genetically engineer sheep that could easily flourish on Zeima. With testing finally finished, the sheep have been released into the grasslands of Zeima.

Another project was started a few short weeks ago due to a massive amount of requests being submitted from the general public. GenCorp genetically engineered the famous winter holiday flower (Poinsettia) of Earth. Sadly the shipment shuttle filled with the alphas was hijacked. GenCorp suspects the pirates of the infamous Black Market are behind this trickery.

GenCorp discovered that Poinsettia can form a symbiotic relationship with the common sheep to form a unique kind of bond.
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Questions? You can check out the forum post which has answers to a list of questions you may have. If you're curious on how to obtain the creature released last year (Caricon), you'll find answers in that forum post. Happy holidays!

You can combine an alpha sheep with an omega Poinsettia in order to obtain a Poinsettia sheep. There will be a 'Combine' action under the actions tab of the alpha Sheep and the omega Poinsettia. Poinsettia can be found in the Black Market.

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