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This was posted on June 5th, 2013 by Rebsingh

Mass Discovery

Message from the admin: Sorry for the seeming loss of interest I've had in Nyoka... Seeming. I have not lost interest in Nyoka, but rather have gained a lot of interest in other things which have started to detract from my time which I've allocated to maintaining steady releases and updates here. I greatly appreciate all of the fans who have been waiting for more on here. As a token of my gratitude, I've decided to put in quite the release for you all, spanning both currently available celestial bodies (Zeima & P1). Two of these species come with polytypes, but I have not revealed which ones. Good luck finding everything! Remember, I love you all and will never stop caring for Nyoka! -Rebsingh

Now with the cheesy sentiments out of the way, GenCorp invites you take part of a vast creature discovery. 5 new species have cropped up for you all to collect. GenCorp has found that two of these species come with a genetic coloration mutation which means that along with these new species, two of them have polytypes. GenCorp has however kept to itself which creatures have the polytypes. Have fun and good luck finding everything!

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