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This was posted on October 13th, 2013 by Rebsingh

River Friends and Butter

Due to the lack of interesting creatures available in the rivers of Zeima, GenCorp decided to spend the last few months drawing up plans for interesting organisms which will be able to thrive in the river systems. GenCorp's scientists were successful in creating two new species based off of Earth creatures: a new Zeiman jellyfish and another form of a sea-slug (Binomial nomenclature for Earth species: Glaucus Atlanticus) found on Earth.

GenCorp doesn't genetically engineer creatures until there is a 98.7% expected success. The GenCorp computer science department constructed the most intricate and complex genetic mapping and testing system ever built just to ensure the safety of new genetically engineered creatures.

Also, we found pretty flying butter in the forests.

...stick around for halloween...

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