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This was posted on October 31st, 2013 by Rebsingh


Something's creeping in the grasslands...

Tonight marks the release of Nyoka's 3rd Halloween event creature. All Halloween creatures from previous years are now able to breed from tonight (October 31st) through the week (till November 7th).

Now onto the good part.
This release is a bit odd. A new species has been introduced into the grasslands permanently, but along with their arrival, something much scarier has turned up... don't be disheartened if all you see there is Hedgecows.

That is pretty much all you will see.

The much scarier creature doesn't seem to produce any alphas. GenCorp believes the new creature to be parasitic and has conducted an emergency study on the Hedgecow population. They noticed that a significant percent of hedgecow alphas seem to be vulnerable to a new seasonal parasite which has flooded the grasslands. These parasites don't lay alphas but instead grow by taking over an alpha of a different species and feeding off of it until it can reach beta stage. The Hedgecow is the only alpha prone to infection thus far, so if you'd like to study these parasitic creatures, grab some hedgecows and hope for the worst? We're not sure if this is necessarily a good thing, but it sure is fascinating!

Happy Halloween from the Project Nyoka staff

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