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This was posted on December 25th, 2013 by Rebsingh

Coconut Crabs

A rare new crab has been found in the oceans of Zeima. It is very rare, but high concentrations of them can be found in the Coconut Bay. Coconut Bay is a national park recently opened by GenCorp, located in the northern tundra of Zeima. GenCorp is only letting explorers have five as the population as far as we can tell is very low. The species was successfully migrated from Christmas Island, Australia to Zeima, and upon being place in the new environment, the species went through a few evolutionary changes.

Their mating season is a very narrow window in what would be the end of December back on Earth, so make sure you find them while you can!

Poinsettia Sheep: Click here for more information on how poinsettia sheep are obtained.

Caricon: A recent development, the Caricon have migrated from Glacia Peak where they were exclusively found to the main Zeiman tundra! It is known that their mating season remains limited to this week only, so try catching some while you can.

Happy holidays from the Project Nyoka team!

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