Terms of Service

 - If you are of age 12 or under and have not provided consent from a parent or legal-guardian, your IP will be banned. The COPPA agreement page can be found here and the process of permission is explained in greater detail.

Buying/Selling Creatures
 - Buying creatures with any form of real life currency from another player is prohibited. If word gets out that you've purchased a creature or you are selling creatures for real life money, your account will be disabled and your IP will be banned. It's okay if you use virtual in-game money on Project Nyoka and other types of sites with non-real money.

Multiple Accounts
 - By creating an account on Project Nyoka, you agree to not create more than one account for yourself. Owning more than one account is frowned upon and prohibited. If you are found to have more than one account that you use, all of them will be disabled and your IP will be banned.

Custom Content
 - All custom content a user uploads to Project Nyoka is moderated. If you request to have anything inappropriate shown on your profile or in your creature descriptions/names, you will be warned. If you do it more than once or if it somehow ends up anywhere on the site except the moderation pages, your account will be disabled and your IP will be banned.

Art and Content Usage
 - All official content is original and owned by Project Nyoka. Project Nyoka has exclusive rights over the art that is donated to the site. We allow you to use our images on other websites (such as fansites, banners, etc...) as long as proper credit is given to the artist and Project Nyoka. If you fail to give proper credit where needed, your account will be disabled and your IP will be banned. If you don't have an account and are using our content or art without proper credit, you may be tried for art theft and/or copyright infringement.

 - Cheating or exploiting loopholes to benefit you or a group over others is forbidden. If you find any loopholes in the system such as gaining more than the limit of a certain creature, finding a glitch that generates PP, etc... you must report it to the admin. If you are caught and fail to report the loophole, your account will be disabled and your IP will be banned.

False Reporting
 - We will investigate each and every report we receive. If you are making false accusations and reporting for no reason, you will be warned. If you are saying stuff about users that aren't true, you may be temporarily banned. If it becomes too much and your reports aren't true, your account will be disabled and your IP will be banned.

Illegal Activities
 - Using the resources of Project Nyoka for purposes deemed illegal by any applicable standard is prohibited. Any detection of a user doing so will not be tolerated and proper authorities will be notified with information, if applicable. Project Nyoka does not condone or encourage any illegal activities, and absolves itself of any instance of such on the site. If applicable, your account will be disabled and your IP will be banned.

 - Failure to comply by these terms of service and rules will result in your account being disabled and your IP getting banned.

By accepting these Terms, you allow Project Nyoka to store your e-mail and your IP address. Your e-mail is private and not visible to anyone. Your e-mail is stored solely for maintaining account and user security. IP addresses are not shared with anyone. IP addresses are stored solely for tracking clicks and for keeping the Users Online list up-to-date.

If you know of anybody or any group of people that fail to comply with these rules, please report it below. You will be rewarded if you do so.
Who Did It?
What Did They Violate?
Explain In Detail!

Your Username and IP (if you aren't logged in, only your IP will be sent) will be sent along with the report so we may contact you after.